Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to buy books overseas

Hello, there!  :D

Did you enjoy our first short story?
If you are interested on purchasing new or used books in English, today´s tip is for you.
You may be thinking, why should I bother buying a book overseas, instead of acquiring it on Brazilians stores? The price. The same book (in English) on local stores has the import taxes and shipping added to the original price, to say the least. So, Why not try overseas?
There are several stores such as Amazon out there, however, Better World Books and Book Depository are by far the best ones. Both websites give you FREE shipping, and you don't have to pay any import tax once your book arrive here.
Below, you can find some reviews (PT), and the stores websites itselves:

  • Review - Book Depository e Better World Books, by Marcado com Letras.  [link]
  • Como comprar livros no BetterWorldBooks, by FellipeNOW.  [link]
  • Como comprar no Book Depository, by Serendipity.  [link]

Before I forget, while The Book Depository is an UK-based company (recently bought by Amazon), Better World Books is an American online for-profit seller, that donates to non-profit organizations related to education.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New template and blog update

Hello, students!  :)

We now have a new template!!!  :)
So, the updates are:

  • You can download the PDF and audio files for the first short story! You find them all on the top bar, under the "downloads" section.
  • You can also find a few tips about writing a review, under the "tips" section.

I hope you are enjoying the reading. Any questions let me know through the HOE.